McPherson Resident Backs a "Back the Blue" Campaign

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
September 23, 2016

McPherson resident Kathy Allison has taken it upon herself to show support for local law enforcement in a simple but effective way.

“In support of our law enforcement, I’ve collected blue light bulbs here from area businesses,” Kathy said. “And I’m giving them out to people that will put them in their porches and turn them on at night, every night, until the light bulbs go out.

“Our officers risk their lives for us every day,” she continued. “Let them know how much we appreciate all that they do.”

Kathy is giving these lightbulbs out to anyone in the McPherson County area who would like to show their support for all the McPherson County Police Departments and the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office.

“You know, they’re risking their lives for us every day, police officers and law enforcement,” Kathy said. “They’re risking their lives, and we need to do something for them. We need to support them.

“We need to back them,” she added. “‘Back the Blue,’ I just thought, that’s perfect.”

Kathy borrowed the idea from a local retail store that was giving out the blue bulbs directly to police officers for them to put in their houses.

“But God told me no. This is in support of them. You put it out there for them to see.”

She went on, “It’s hard to hear how people can look them down, can look a police officer down for what they do for us, I just can’t imagine.”

If you’d like to Back the Blue and install a blue light bulb in your front porch to show your support for local law enforcement, give Kathy a call at 620-241-7443 and she’ll deliver one to you herself.

Blue light bulbs can also be picked up here at the station. Just come by Mid Kansas Radio during business hours at 411 E. Euclid in McPherson.