Country Club, TC draw; Cup stays with MCC

By Steve Sell
September 26, 2016

For the first time in the 12 years of the McPherson Cup, the treasured golf trophy is going to stay at McPherson Country Club for a second straight year.

By virtue of a 16-16 draw this weekend at waterlogged Turkey Creek Golf Course, MCC retained the Cup since the winning team keeps the Cup if there’s a tie. 

Turkey Creek had never lost on its home turf and was trying to regain the cup after the Country Club was a 21-11 winner last year on its home course.

The series now stands at 7-4-1 in favor of Turkey Creek. MCC was up 9-7 after the first day of play on Saturday, but after heavy rains, the front nine was played twice on Sunday with Turkey Creek scoring 9 points to 7 for MCC in the singles matches.


Mat Anderson (TC) def. Larry Kavouras (MCC)

Dennis Houghton (MCC) def. Don James (TC)

Kenan Warren (MCC) def. Dave Lackey (TC)

Nick Ikenberry (TC) def. Adam Jennings (MCC)

Greg Jermark (MCC) def. Gordon Reimer (TC)

Stan Smith (TC) halved with Gary Schrag (MCC)

Alan Porter (TC) def. Brad Bengtson (MCC)

Kelly Sorenson (TC) def. Brian Bengtson (MCC)

Bill Gately (TC) def. Terry Malm (MCC)

Larry Bruce (MCC) def. Andy Hett (TC)

Rick Davison (MCC) def. Gary Hess (TC)

Mark Wash (TC) def. Kent Schmidt (MCC)

Bob Balding (TC) halved with Bill Ferguson (MCC)

Dennis Shaw (TC) halved with Brad Geren (MCC)

Cliff Hawkes (TC) def. Jeff Warren (MCC)

Russ Hefner (MCC) halved with Turner Polzin (TC)


2 points per match

Dennis Houghton-Tim Karstetter (MCC) def. Tom Goldsmith-Jack Rader (TC), 2-0

Kyle Hawk-Russ Hefner (MCC) halved with Cliff Hawkes-Nick Ikenberry (TC), 1-1

Dennis Shaw-Hal Hoxie (TC) halved with Larry Kavouras-Jim Adams (MCC), 1-1

Kelly Sorenson-Andy Hett (TC) def. Rick Davison-Kent Schmidt (MCC), 1 1/2-1/2

Brad Geren-Zac Hoppes (MCC) def. Bill Gately-Bob Balding (TC), 1 1/2-1/2

Gary Hess-Mark Wash (TC) def. Kenan Warren-Brian Bengtson (MCC), 1 1/2-1/2

Terry Malm-Larry Bruce (MCC) halved with Denis Everhart-Don James (TC), 1-1

Jeff Warren-Ted Morris (MCC) def. Dave Lackey-Mat Anderson (TC ), 1 1/2-1/2