McPherson Festival Experiences First Rainout in 23 Years

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
September 26, 2016
photo by Visit McPherson

McPherson’s Festival of Cultures had a rough weekend with torrential rains on Saturday and a lightning storm that drove away attendees and sent vendors and volunteers alike ducking for cover.

“It’s unfortunate that we had such bad weather,” said Mayor Tom Brown, addressing the public this morning at the city commission meeting.

“I think that’s the third time in 23 years that it’s rained,” he commented. “So we had 20 years of sunshine and we’ve had three years of rain.”

Mayor Tom Brown took the opportunity Monday to thank all the volunteers who devoted their time to making the festival happen and to the vendors who participated.

“I’d like to publicly thank Dianna Carter for her leadership and all the work that was done,” Mayor Brown said. “You have to work just as hard and probably harder when it rains because you have to make a lot of adjustments and try to keep things dry, but we do appreciate the group, and appreciate the vendors that were out there when the crowd was sparse because of the downpour on Saturday.”

The festival this year expanded its focus from the Scottish Festival that started in McPherson back in 1993. The Highland Games is a Scottish sporting event that has drawn athletes from all over the country. This year, McPherson hosted its national championships. Fortunately, the athletes were able to complete the competition despite having to take several breaks waiting for storm cells to pass through.

This is the first year in its 23-year history the festival experienced a day that was completely rained out.