MMS netters stay perfect in duals

By Steve Sell
September 27, 2016

SALINA — It was a little bit more of a push than normal, but McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team remained undefeated in league play on Monday with a 13-6 win over Salina Lakewood.

“I am excited for the girls because they weren't necessarily playing their best, but the team came together for a big win,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “We lost four tiebreaker matches that could have made this a more comfortable win if some had gone our way, but I loved how the girls cheered on their teammates because they all knew that this was a big dual. I am hoping that this serves as a wake-up call for many of the players and they come out ready to play at the Hutchinson Invitational. My goal is that everyone comes out ready to play against tough opponents as we will again see teams we don't normally play against.”

The Hutch tournament is today.

Here are the MMS results:

• Singles •

No. 1 CeAnna Allen - L

No. 2 Patty Huerta - L

No. 3 Carley Malm - W

No. 4 Sydney Achilles - W

No. 5 Maddie Dobson - W

No. 6 Jacie Myers - W

No. 7 Perrin Schneider - W

No. 8 Taylor Berger - W

No. 9 Amethyst Hale - L

No. 10 Taylor Buehrle - L

No. 11 Lakynn Lippelmann - L

No. 12 Grace Witte - W

No. 13 Emma Wilson - W

No. 14 Emma WIlson (extra match) - W

• Doubles •

No. 1 CeAnna Allen/Patty Huerta - W

No. 2 Carley Malm/Sydney Achilles - L

No. 3 Maddie Dobson/Jacie Myers - W

No. 4 Taylor Berger/Amethyst Hale - L

No. 5 Perrin Schneider/Taylor Buehrle - W

No. 6 Lakynn Lippelmann/Emma Wilson - L

No. 7 Lakynn Lippelmann/Grace Witte - W