USD 418 Seeks Qualified Contractor for HVAC Projects

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
September 27, 2016

The McPherson school district has decided to take the next step to start making some much-needed updates to the heating and cooling units in school buildings throughout the district.

The McPherson School Board last night approved a proposal to start actively seeking qualified applicants for potential projects with the goal of replacing some of the outdated heating and cooling units before they break down completely.

Some of the units are so old that parts are no longer available to service them. Once they break down again -- and it’s just a matter of time -- the district could be faced with an emergency situation that could cost more in the long run than if they are proactive in replacing them sooner.

Just this past August, the AC unit at McPherson’s Eisenhower Elementary school broke down right before the start of the new school year, forcing the district to replace it virtually overnight at a cost of just under $200,000.

Making all of the needed repairs and replacements of heating and cooling systems will ultimately cost the district millions of dollars. The approval to start vetting qualified contractors to partner with the school district is just the first step to making the necessary updates. How long it actually takes will depend somewhat on what happens with the school budget when the Kansas legislature reconvenes later in the year.