The Traffic Stop: Tailgating

By MPD Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
September 27, 2016

Following Too Closely; (STO #47 & KSA 8-1523…find exact wording at these

Kansas law requires the driver of a motor vehicle to not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, giving due regard to the speed of traffic and the condition of the road.

Brake early and gently when stopping or turning. It gives drivers behind you plenty of warning you are slowing down.

Remember the “2-Second Rule” for safe traveling distance. Choose an object ahead near the road such as a sign, tree, or overpass. As the vehicle you’re following passes the object, count slowly "one thousand one, one thousand two." You’re following too closely if you reach the same object before you finish counting. Slow down and allow for more space between vehicles.

In bad weather, increase the count to four or five seconds for extra space and decrease your speed.

Rear-end collisions frequently result in citations for the following driver for being too close to safely react to events occurring in the road ahead. In McPherson, ‘Following Too Closely’ is a moving violation punishable by a $60 fine and $78 Municipal Court fee.

In the event the driver behind you is tailgating, move to another lane if possible, or if necessary, slow down and pull off the road to let the other driver pass. Be sure to signal when leaving the road and returning to it.

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