Assaria Teen Admits to Involvement in Chalk Messages on Bethany College Campus

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
September 28, 2016
Lindsborg Police Department

A 19 year-old from Assaria has admitted to being involved in writing some of the chalk messages on the sidewalks of the Bethany College Campus in Lindsborg earlier this month, according to the Salina Journal.

Gabriel Wilson is a resident of Assaria, a small community in southern Saline County, about ten miles north of Lindsborg. Wilson apparently called Bethany College President William Jones and admitted his involvement and has since apologized, though he’s refused to say anything more about any of the others involved.

Wilson may not face criminal charges from local authorities; however, as a member of the Kansas Army National Guard, he may still face consequences for his actions. Department of Defense policy does not allow military members to actively participate in group activities that advocate supremist, or extremist doctrine.

Wilson is allegedly a part of a group called “Identity Evropa” that is associated with what in this country has been termed “alt-right.” Alternative-right groups are a segment of right-wing ideology associated with support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Identity Evropa is just one of many small groups based on a movement that started in France by people opposed to Muslim immigration who wanted to promote the interests of citizens strictly of European heritage.

Online forums have helped spread this particular white supremist ideology to the United States, and Identity Evropa is now just one of many small American hate groups that oppose multiculturalism. It also appears to be targeting college campuses in an attempt to recruit young members.

On September 3, chalk messages saying things like “Make Lindsborg White Again,” were discovered on sidewalks of the Bethany College campus. Neither Wilson nor any of the other as yet unnamed perpetrators are students of Bethany College.

The incident has served as a catalyst of support for Bethany’s President William Jones and his wife and family of six children, two of whom are adopted and of biracial heritage. The city of Lindsborg also passed a resolution on September 19 to issue a statement promoting diversity and inclusivity throughout the community.