More City Funds Needed to Keep Turkey Creek Golf Course Afloat

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
September 29, 2016
Turkey Creek Golf Course

Turkey Creek Golf Course in McPherson is having a hard time making ends meet. This week, the city approved an immediate transfer of $25,000 from the city’s general fund to help bail it out.

“A lot of our revenue early on [in the year] comes from memberships,” explained City Administrator Nick Gregory. “It also depends on good weather to be able to get green fees both during the week and throughout the weekend.”

City officials approved a total amount of up to but not to exceed $90,000 that may be transferred to the golf course in the coming months.

“We will only be transferring that money if and as needed, not automatically,” clarified Mayor Tom Brown.

The city is hopeful that golf tournaments this fall will help provide additional much-needed revenue and that ultimately the entire $90,000 won’t be necessary to keep the golf course afloat.