MMS netters finish dual season perfect

By Steve Sell
September 30, 2016

NEWTON — McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team finished the dual portion of its schedule undefeated and unchallenged on Thursday.

The Bullpups swamped Newton 23-1 as all their dual matches this season were lopsided.

“I was very pleased with how all of the girls played today,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “One thing we talked about before the dual was that I wanted us all to refocus on some of our goals for the season, as I felt we had lost a little focus in the last week. The girls responded by playing some of their best tennis of the season. I loved how well they worked with their doubles partners and then how focused they all were during their singles matches.”

Tuesday is the Pioneer League Tournament at Derby. 

“We have a couple of practices before then, I want to make sure to get the girls ready to play up to their potential for the last tournament of the season,” Sanchez said.


• Singles •

No. 1 --CeAnna Allen

No. 2 --Patty Huerta (L)

No. 3 --Carley Malm

No. 4 - Sydney Achilles

No. 5 - Maddie Dobson

No. 6 - Jacie Myers

No. 7 - Perrin Schneider

No. 8 - Taylor Berger

No. 9 - Amethyst Hale

No. 10 - Taylor Buehrle

No. 11 - Lakynn Lippelmann

No. 12 - Grace Witte

No. 13 - Emma Wilson

• Note — Taylor Buehrle, Perrin Schneider and Lakynn Lippelmann all played an extra singles match as well because Newton had extra players.

• Doubles •

No. 1 - CeAnna Allen/Patty Huerta

No. 2 - Sydney Achilles/Carley Malm

No. 3 - Maddie Dobson/Jacie Myers

No. 4 - Taylor Berger/Amethyst Hale

No. 5 - Perrin Schneider/Taylor Buehrle

No. 6 - Lakynn Lippelmann/Grace Witte

No. 7 - Amethyst Hale/Emma Wilson

• Note — Taylor Berger/Perrin Schneider played an extra doubles match.