McPherson's Turkey Creek Golf Course Changes Its Hours

By Anne Kirchner, McPherson CVB
October 07, 2016
Turkey Creek Golf Course

Effective immediately Turkey Creek Golf Course is adjusting its operating hours. The course will open at 12 p.m. on Mondays and at 8 a.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. According to Wayne Burns, Director of Public Lands and Facilities, the adjustment is the first step toward addressing overall budget concerns. “Hours of operation have been changed to help keep costs down to a minimum during the next several months,” he said.  “Though the Turkey Creek golf course staff has done a solid job at holding golf course expenditures to similar levels as past seasons, revenues have been significantly impacted by uncontrollable weather events that have caused a significant slump in rounds played and an increase in repair costs at the course.”

Conversations are underway to determine the best options for the golf course, which is a public facility owned by the City of McPherson. “Turkey Creek Golf Course is an enterprise fund, which according to city policy must break even,” said Burns. Over the past five years expenses have increased, but overall membership and green fees have been on the decline. “The City has and will continue to make an investment in marketing, course management, service, mower equipment, maintenance and golf carts,” said Burns. “The city is committed to offering a year- round golf course experience to the public and course members even if it requires some level of taxpayer subsidies, but the city will continue to work with Turkey Creek Staff to reduce operating costs in those years where revenues don’t keep pace with expenses.”

According to Burns, Turkey Creek Golf Course provides quality recreational space for local residents and offers a public service to high schools, collegiate golf teams and youth involved in the First Tee program.  “The clubhouse also generates sales tax revenue, and the City receives transient guest taxes when golf visitors stay in local hotels,” noted Burns. “We are working hard to identify other revenue sources that the course can benefit from and to build efficiencies that will limit tax subsidies in lean revenue years.”

Burns invites local residents to support Turkey Creek Golf Course by purchasing an annual membership, hosting a golf tournament or playing a round of golf. Fee information is available at “Residents can also invest in our community by donating to the McPherson Parks and Public Facilities Foundation, which is designed to preserve, grow and enhance the City’s parks and public facilities amenities,” said Burns. The fund is administered by the McPherson County Community Foundation and provides opportunity for donors to support ongoing improvements to public lands including Turkey Creek Golf Course. For more information, contact Burns at 620-245-2535 [email protected]