Chalk Event Monday in Lindsborg, Bethany College

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 07, 2016

Bethany College students and people from the local area will have an opportunity Monday night to chalk messages of positivity and support for diversity onto sidewalks on the college campus and at various locations in Lindsborg.

The chalk event is set to start Monday night at 8:00 at the prayer labyrinth on the Bethany College campus. Sidewalk chalk will be provided.

The chalking event is planned in response to last month’s racially offensive messages that were chalked on the sidewalks of Bethany College by a group of white nationalists unaffiliated with the college.

The event struck a chord with the Lindsborg community, causing an outpouring of support for Bethany’s new College President William Jones and his wife and family of six children, two of whom are adopted and of biracial heritage. Jones and his family just moved to Lindsborg from Georgia in July of this year.