McPherson Issues Yard Waste Tips

By Anne Kirchner, McPherson CVB
October 10, 2016

The City of McPherson reminds residents, commercial mowers and landscapers to direct grass clipping and autumn leaves away from streets.

Excess yard debris should be swept up and returned to the lawn, composted or disposed of properly. Compost bins are available from M.A.S.W.U. or residents can deliver yard waste to the transfer station at 1431 17th Avenue.

According to Jeff Woodward, Public Works Director, grass clippings and leaves left on the street and in the gutters typically end up in storm water drainage inlets.

“When it rains, grass clippings and leaves can clog storm drains and cause localized flooding,” he said. “They can also cause slippery conditions and water quality issues.”

Excessive grass clippings and yard waste are a violation of city code. Section 86-317 outlines solid waste disposal prohibitions including those referenced in section 50-31, which are identified as “grasses, weeds or unsightly vegetation…”

Seith Snow, City Code Enforcement/Sanitation Officer, confirmed when property owners do not meet compliance to the clean up of grass clippings or leaves in the streets, the City will abate and the property owner will be billed accordingly. If the bill is not paid, the charges will be added to the owner’s property tax.