McPherson's Mayor Says Outlook for Kansas Population Growth Not Good for Local Jobs

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 17, 2016

McPherson’s Mayor Tom Brown recently attended the Kansas Economic Outlook Conference in Wichita and, upon his return,shared some of his thoughts regarding projections for 2017 in the state of Kansas.

“Overall, news is not bad, it’s just not good,” Mayor Brown said wryly. “The overall population in Kansas is only expected to go up in 2017 [by] 0.4 percent.

“One of the biggest problems that we have in this state, and that we have locally,” he added. “Is that we just need more people for all the jobs that are available in the community.”

Mayor Brown went on to explain why he thinks Kansas basically maintaining the status quo in terms of population is, in his opinion, not necessarily good news.

“To hear that we’re going to struggle to bring people into Kansas, or at least just about to stay even, was not optimistic, at least from my perspective.”

McPherson itself continues to seek skilled workers for several dozen manufacturing jobs that remain unfilled.

The Kansas Economic Outlook Conference is an event that takes place every year with theCenter for Economic Development and Business Research, a Wichita State University organization that provides data and analysis on the economy, labor market, and demographics, in addition to population projections. More information can be found on their website: