McPherson Fire Department Assists Residents with Smoke Alarms

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 18, 2016

A grateful citizen at this week’s city commission meeting took the opportunity to thank the local fire department for helping him check the smoke alarms in his McPherson home.

“I just really, really, really want to thank our fire department, because I have smoke detectors and all that in my house, and I’m just so scared to climb a ladder and change batteries and all.”

Norm is a McPherson resident who suffers from a disability that makes it difficult for him to get around. So he asked the local fire department if they could help.

“So here they come,” Norm related “I said, ‘Here’s my house, smoke detectors and CO (carbon monoxide) detectors are all over. I got batteries, so fix me up.’

“And they did,” he concluded. “I just really appreciate that. I just thank the fire department.”

Mayor Tom Brown thanked Norm for his comments and for bringing this issue to the public’s attention. The mayor also wanted others to know that there’s help for them, too, if they have trouble checking their smoke alarms, or even if they don’t have any.

“This is not only for Norm, but we offer help to other people that would need smoke detector assistance,” said Mayor Brown. “And we even have some smoke detectors available. I appreciate Norm for bringing it up, and keep us or keep the fire department in mind if you have that issue.”

Last week was fire prevention week, when Kansans were encouraged to check their smoke alarms and make sure they have an exit plan in the event of a home emergency.

Smoke alarms should be checked monthly and replaced every ten years. For more information on getting help in checking smoke detectors in your home, contact the McPherson fire department at 620-245-2505.