Second-Largest Turnout for McPherson County's Annual Water Festival

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 24, 2016

The annual Children’s water festival was held last week on the campus of McPherson College, with 555 students and teachers in attendance along with 45 presenters. 

“The students participate in interactive demonstrations about water,” explained Carla Pearson, chairperson for the McPherson County Children’s Water Festival, “How much water we have; how to protect it; and how to conserve our water supply.”

Pearson reported this morning to the city commissioners that this year’s festival was the county’s second-largest since the annual event began fourteen years ago.

“On behalf of the BPU, I personally want to thank Cargill and McPherson College for the support that they give to the festival,” Pearson said. “We simply couldn’t hold our event without the support of both of these entities.”

Presenters at the festival and volunteers who make it possible come locally from the McPherson County area and from all across the state.

“And of course many of our volunteers are retired teachers, wildlife enthusiasts, and citizens who believe in the importance of educating our youth about natural resource,” Pearson said.

Students learn through various interactive demonstrations, like making ice cream floats that reflect the layers of the aquifer; and beaded bracelets that help the students visualize how much of the world’s water supply is available as fresh water.

“And by the way, it’s only one percent,” Pearson added, for the benefit of her public audience.  

“If you know a fourth grader? I’d encourage you to ask them what they learned,” said Pearson. “But make sure you have a few minutes, because they’ll give you an earful.”

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown praised the water festival program and its high level of education it provides for local students.   

“This is probably premier education and extracurricular activity for fourth graders in the county,” Mayor Brown stated. “It’s as good as anything in the country.”

For more information on the McPherson County water festival, contact Carla Pearson at 620-245-2530.