Montagne's Candidacy for McPherson County Sheriff Under Investigation

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 25, 2016

There may be a problem for Jerry Montagne in November’s election for McPherson County Sheriff. McPherson city police Lt. Jerry Montagne filed by petition to get on the ballot in the August primary to run against incumbent County Sheriff Larry Powell. That petition is now under investigation.

Sheriff Larry Powell had this to say this morning:

“Basically, right now, the only comment I can make, I can tell you County Attorney Torrance Parkins has contacted the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and an investigation is going to happen. And we have to wait until the investigation is complete and go from there.”

The allegations focus on how the signatures on the petition were witnessed and validated. According to McPherson County clerk Cathy Schmidt, each candidate petition sheet must be signed by the individual who circulated it. Schmidt also said that Lt. Montagne signed sheets he did not himself circulate, which would make those signatures invalid.

Montagne edged out incumbent Sheriff Powell in August’s primary by just 23 votes. It was the closest primary race in McPherson County history.

Montagne will still be on the general election ballot regardless of any investigation as the ballots have already been printed by the McPherson County clerk’s office. Advanced voting is also already underway.

Lt. Montagne was unable to be reached for comment at this time.