MHS Spanish Teacher Selected as USD 418's Nominee for Kansas Horizon Award

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 25, 2016
photo by Ann Jolyn Johnston*

The McPherson School board of education Monday night recognized Ricardo Sanchez as the Horizon Award nominee, a title that’s similar to teacher of the year, only it’s awarded strictly to first-year educators.

“Ricardo’s great in the classroom,” said McPherson Education Foundation’s Kim Krezick as she introduced Sanchez to the school board members. “You’ll walk in and you’ll see super things happening with kids; he’s thinking outside the box, then going on some visits to classrooms in other districts to get some ideas about what he can bring back to us, so we’re very pleased with what he’s doing.”

Sanchez began teaching high school Spanish last year at the McPherson High School. He’s also the tennis coach at the McPherson Middle School.

“I love working here,” Sanchez said. “I started as an ESL para, and I worked in that position for two years.”

Krezick interjected, “And we loved him in that position and were sad to take him out of that.”

“But I was glad to be given the opportunity to grow and become a teacher here,” Sanchez continued. “And I couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else.”

Sanchez’s nomination for the Horizon Award will join others from around Kansas to compete at the statewide level.

Winners will be announced in January. Previous recipients of the Kansas Horizon Award from McPherson’s USD 418 include Aspen Frey, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary, and Maria Loewen, who teaches science at the middle school.

Sanchez was also one of the recipients of an education grant from the McPherson Education Foundation. This year the foundation approved a total of 18 grants for teachers throughout the district. $22,531.28 in grants were awarded this year altogether.

*Photo caption: McPherson Education Foundation 2016 grant recipients. Sanchez is pictured: back row, third from left. Loewen is also pictured: front row, third from right.