McPherson Prepares for Pre-Winter Street Cleanup and Repair

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
October 31, 2016

Fall weather is finally here and the trees are definitely getting ready for winter. In keeping with the season, City Commissioner of Streets and Utilities Larry Wiens asked McPherson area residents to do their part in helping to keep the streets cleaned up and the storm gutters clear.

“We have a lot of leaves and material blowing around with all the wind,” said Wiens. “I would ask that the public would help not only themselves, but the city and everybody else, to keep them out of the gutters and keep them out of the street as much as you can.

“And keep them out of the storm sewers,” he added.

Wiens went on to give an update on upcoming plans the city has for some of the street and drainage issues in McPherson.

“We’ve got some things identified, some streets identified, some drainage issues identified, and [what we identified] will be coming out here in the next week or two to make sure everybody’s aware of what’s going to happen,” Wiens said. “And hopefully we get some of these projects done, weather permitting, before the first of the year.

“And if we don’t, why, obviously it will be early next spring some time.”

Wiens also said the city will be sealing up some cracks in some McPherson streets whose condition is currently strong enough to handle the material.  

“We’re going to rent the crack-seal machine and do some crack sealing. It helps preserve the street and keep the moisture out for the winter time,” Wiens explained. “So it’ll be on some streets that are rebuilt, that are in good enough condition to do that to.”

Wiens said he hopes the city can get started on sealing city street cracks around the first of December.