McPherson Hospital to Conduct Mock Disaster Drill Thursday

By Cyril Russell, McPherson Hospital
November 01, 2016

Officials at McPherson Hospital would like to inform the public that in the late afternoon of Thursday, November 3, the hospital and other community agencies will be conducting a training exercise in the form of a disaster drill. Enacted will be a mock shooting incident just outside hospital grounds.

The purpose of this exercise is to allow hospital personnel and other community first responders to practice and prepare for a mass casualty incident should it regrettably occur in our community.

Residents on the north and east sides of the hospital and other citizens may see emergency vehicles and personnel and can expect road closures in that area. Further, outpatients may hear overhead announcements in the facility and see various personnel in emergency attire carrying out activities that would be required in a real crisis situation.

Hospital staff encourages citizens to not be alarmed during this exercise, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we carry out this important training exercise.