Early Voting Ends Monday at Noon, Presidential Candidates Aren't the Only Ones on the Ballot

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 04, 2016

The general election is coming up Tuesday, November 8. Early voting ends Monday at noon.

McPherson’s Mayor Tom Brown earlier this week encouraged McPherson area residents to make the time to get to the polls. He also recently went on a road trip and couldn’t help but notice the political signs as he drove through parts of Kansas and Missouri.

“I took the weekend off and went to Branson,” Mayor Brown began. “I was a little bit surprised that southeast Kansas, southern Missouri, has a lot of Trump/Pence signs. I didn’t find one Clinton sign on the whole trip.”

Mayor Brown was addressing the public audience at the weekly city commission meeting in McPherson. He started off somewhat serious, but it soon became clear that he was setting everyone up to relate some election humor for voters who have been disenchanted, to say the least, with this year’s presidential election.

“I think I discovered a third candidate for those of you who have been considering not voting, and his name is Cam Pain,” he joked. “His mother and father have fully endorsed him down there -- that’s Ima and Justa: Ima Pain and Justa Pain.”

He went on as the audience laughed, and groaned, “And his sister is also out campaigning hard for him. Her name is Iphelia, Iphelia Pain…

“With that, I’ll declare the public input session closed,” he stated, then laughed, “And the city attorney just said, ‘Amen.’”

Humor aside, it’s not just the candidates for president who are on the ballot this Tuesday.

Jerry Moran is up for reelection as a Republican member of the United States Senate. He faces Democratic candidate Patrick Wiesner and Libertarian Robert Garrard on Tuesday’s ballot.

Voters will also be choosing the next state representative for the Kansas First District. Roger Marshall beat out Tim Huelskamp in the Republican Primary. That put Marshall on Tuesday’s ballot along with an Independent candidate Alan LaPolice and Libertarian Kerry Burt.

For state senator, incumbent Republican Rick Wilborn faces Democratic candidate Levi Morris for the local 35thdistrict, and incumbent Republican Les Mason faces Democratic candidate Terrance Krier for State Representative in the local 73rddistrict.

Kansas voters will also be deciding whether or not to retain five of the Kansas Supreme Court Justices currently in office. Six Kansas judges are also running for retention to the Kansas Court of Appeals. For these selections, voters are simply choosing to mark ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each name of the judge or justice on the ballot.

Several McPherson County offices are on Tuesday’s ballot, but most are uncontested. Jerry Montagne did edge out incumbent McPherson County Sheriff Larry Powell by just 23 votes in the August Republican primary, which puts Montagne’s name on the ballot for Tuesday’s election; however, Sheriff Powell has been conducting a write-in campaign, meaning voters who would like to keep Powell in office need to manually write his name on the ballot.

Write-ins are always allowed for any office on the ballot, whether a candidate campaigns for one or not.

Regardless of who voters want to vote for, it’s important to remember to shade in the oval to the left of the candidate’s name, whether the name is already there, or the voter writes it in.