Vote Tomorrow!

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 07, 2016

Tuesday is election day! Early voting in McPherson County is over as of noon today. Well over 2,000 voters in McPherson County this year took to the polls early -- normal turnout for advanced voting is about 1,600, so we’re definitely seeing an increase in crowds this year.

Regular voting is all day tomorrow from 7:00 to 7:00. If we learned nothing else from the primary in August, and the narrow race for McPherson County Sheriff, it’s that every vote does count.

At this morning’s regular city commission meeting, Mayor Tom Brown reminded the public about the right to vote and also about the national holiday coming up November 11.

“Remember to vote Tuesday; remember to support your veterans on Friday.” Then he added, “We’ll have a patriotic week here and hopefully be able to unite this country and move forward in the months ahead.”

If you’re registered to vote in McPherson County but not sure where to go, give the County clerk’s office a call at 620-241-3656.