Good Voter Turnout in McPherson County, Montagne Wins Sheriff Race

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 08, 2016

The results are in for today’s election and the votes in McPherson County pretty much aligned with the rest of Kansas for races statewide.

Closer to home, Jerry Montagne won the election for McPherson County Sheriff with 9,540 votes, about 82 percent of the total. There were also 2,092 write-in votes that will need to be canvassed by the county over the coming days.

Jerry Moran was reelected as United States Senator, and Roger Marshall was elected as the United States Representative for the Kansas 1st District.

Rick Wilborn beat out Levi Morris, holding on to the office of Kansas Senator for the local district with about 74 percent of the vote in McPherson County. Les Mason was also reelected as the Kansas Representative for the 73rd District.

The closest race in McPherson County was between Steve Johnson and Kelley Menke for State Representative in the108th District. Johnson held on to the office by a vote of 902 to Menke’s 880.

According to the McPherson County Clerk’s office, 411* provisional ballots were cast county-wide and will need to be canvassed by county officials.

As of today, 12,833 registered votes were counted in this year’s election in McPherson County. That’s about a 75 percent voter turnout county-wide.

*The county clerk later corrected this to 359.