Live Fire Fighting Demonstrations Saturday at McPherson's Free "Heat of the Moment" Event

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 11, 2016

Heat of the Moment is tomorrow from 10:00 to noon at Wickersham Park in McPherson.

The McPherson Fire Department is sponsoring this free safety awareness event, and Division Chief TJ Wyssmann is one of the fire fighters helping to organize it.

“The event is a public service awareness event,” said Wyssmann. “It’s to demonstrate a fire extinguisher class that morning at 10:00 am, is when this will kick off.”

After the fire extinguisher class, a fire demonstration using a kitchen appliance will start at 11:00.

“Which will have a turkey fryer,” Wyssman added. “We’ll demonstrate, for Thanksgiving, a cooking fire with a turkey fryer and also a fire on the stove.”

The highlight of the fire safety event will be a live fire demonstration using two different building structures. That will start at 11:45.

“We’re going to demonstrate the difference between an unprotected and a protected building,” Wyssmann explained. “They will be ten-by-ten modules. One will have a sprinkler system that will activate, the other one will not.”

Saturday’s event is aimed at people of all ages.

“We will have things for children, and then we also will have fire prevention stuff for elderly as well.”

McPherson’s Fire Chief Jeff Deal hopes McPherson area residents will take advantage of this free public event.

“I very much would encourage the public to come and attend this,” said Chief Deal. “I think it will be very educational, and I think it will be a tremendous eye-opener to see just how quickly and how violently modern fires move, and hopefully reiterate the extreme need for smoke detectors and then hopefully possible future avenues for putting in residential sprinkler systems.”

Drawing and prizes will be awarded at the end of the event. The American Red Cross will also be giving out free smoke detectors, so be sure and sign up for one at their booth while you’re there.

For more information on Heat of the Moment, contact Division Chief TJ Wyssmann at the McPherson Fire Department at 620-245-2505.