USD 418 Contracts with 360 Engineeers for HVAC Work in McPherson Schools

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 15, 2016

The McPherson School District is entering into a new contract with 360 Engineers to start updating heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in various buildings throughout the school district.

The McPherson school board last night unanimously accepted the proposal from 360 Engineers, a company based in Lawrence, Kansas and Littleton, Colorado that has previous and current contracts for this type of work with several other Kansas school districts.

Early last summer, representatives from 360 Engineers had inspected each McPherson school and then met with district leadership to discuss what it would cost to replace outdated HVAC units before they break down completely. Several of USD 418’s HVAC systems are so outdated that specific parts are no longer available for repair.

Now that the school district is ready to move forward, 360 Engineers will be taking another look at the systems as early as this weekend and working up a proposal on where to start. Ultimately, replacing and modernizing outdated HVAC systems in all of the McPherson schools will cost the district about eight million dollars, based on 360 Engineer’s initial proposal from last June.