USD 418 Approves New Policy for Paid Holiday Leave

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 15, 2016

The McPherson school board Monday night officially approved a new policy for paid holiday leave for classified staff and administrative employees with the McPherson school district.

“Last year, the board gave us permission to declare Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve as paid holidays,” said Gordon Mohn, school district clerk. “What we’re recommending here is 230-day employees or more, their paid holiday would now include two days at Thanksgiving, Thursday and Friday, and two days at Christmas.”

The board approved the recommendation and district employees will now officially have paid holiday leave for Christmas Eve and the Friday after Thanksgiving, rather than being forced to take leave on a day when schools and offices are typically closed.

The new policy is effective immediately and applies to full-time employees who are contracted with the McPherson school district for 230 or more days per year.