City of McPherson's Guest Tax Revenue at Lowest Levels in Years

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 18, 2016

The city of McPherson’s transient guest tax, which is the amount of money that’s taxed for staying in McPherson hotels, was increased last March from 5 to 6 percent by charter ordinance 39. That extra one percent is now divided between the McPherson Museum and the McPherson Opera House.

Recently, the first distribution of those extra funds was received for the third quarter of McPherson’s fiscal year, for a total of id="mce_marker"1,433.44 split between the two.

“They’re to be using that for some advertising as well as other measures that were outlined in the ordinance,” explained Mark Moffitt, McPherson’s City Treasurer and Finance Director.

Moffitt continued by saying that the money coming in from the city’s guest tax is the lowest it’s been in several years.

“In the last seven years is the lowest we’ve had in the city of McPherson,” he said. “Two to three years ago, we had a substantial amount of activity with our contractors in town doing a lot of construction, going on not only with CHS, but with other organizations as well.

“But we are lower, even lower than where we’ve been in the last seven years if you equate it back.”

The total amount of transient guest collected for the third quarter of the city of McPherson’s fiscal year was $68,600.63.