KU will be no match for K-State Saturday

By Steve Sell
November 23, 2016

It’s too bad that Kansas’ football team can’t transport the way it plays at home to Manhattan on Saturday for the annual Intrastate Mowdown.

That’s right, not showdown. Mowdown.

That’s what it’s going to be at The Bill as the outcome of this one should be decided by noon since the game has an 11 a.m. start.

Even for its woebegone season, one that finally achieved some success last week with the Jayhawks stunning Texas, KU has been a relatively decent team at home. It could easily have defeated both TCU and Iowa State, games where they led until their lack of depth and offensive firepower led to them losing by narrow margins.

But when KU goes on the road, it’s not even competitive. 

The Jayhawks generally are rolled long before halftime. Games at Oklahoma, Baylor and West Virginia were frighteningly bad.

Kansas could only wish that Ron Prince was still coaching The Purple this Saturday. The Jayhawks never lost to Prince during his brief three-year tenure as Mark Mangino had his number.

But Bill Snyder probably goes to bed the night before the KU game and has his most peaceful 4 hours of sleep. Snyder is 7-0 against KU in his second stint, the only close game coming in 2009 when the Wildcats escaped with a 17-10 victory. KU still has a commanding 64-44 lead in the series, but the heavy lifting for the Jayhawks was done long ago when the Wildcats’ program was, well, like KU’s current situation. From 1956 to 1977, the Jayhawks lost only twice and tied once. Conversely, since 1993, Kansas State has lost only four times.

I look for Saturday to get very, very ugly. Kansas is going to have a huge letdown from its rare victory and it’s just a bad matchup for the Jayhawks. Kansas State’s defense could very well pitch a shutout considering the paucity of KU’s offense. Also, the KSU offensive line will overwhelm KU’s defense as its strength will allow it to pile up big yards and big points.

Fortunately for KU, Snyder always seems to have a heart. He often has let his foot off the gas in the past and I think he’ll probably do the same again this year.

But not even that will keep this game from getting out of hand.

Prediction — Kansas State 49, Kansas 7.