Online concealed carry courses not valid for Kansas licensing

By Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt
November 29, 2016

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has alerted Kansans that online concealed carry courses do not satisfy the legal requirements to obtain a concealed carry license in Kansas.

Schmidt’s office has recently become aware of advertising offering online concealed carry courses that appear to be marketed to Kansans. However, in order to qualify for a Kansas concealed carry license, Kansans must complete a training program as outlined by Kansas law. While Kansas law currently allows for a broader recognition of prior training courses from other jurisdictions to be recognized, all training classes must meet certain minimum criteria, which include, among other minimum requirements, a live-fire demonstration of handgun proficiency. The attorney general’s office is unaware of any online courses that meet this “equal to or greater than” criteria established by Kansas law.     

A full list of instructors who are certified to provide training in Kansas is available on the attorney general’s website at ;

Anyone with questions about the training requirements to obtain a concealed carry license may contact the attorney general’s Concealed Carry Licensing Unit at 785-291-3765.