Hopkins Sentenced to Probation, Time Already Served in Case Related to Hesston Shooting

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
November 29, 2016

The woman who gave Cedric Ford the weapons he used in his shooting rampage in Hesston last February has been sentenced to time already served and to one year probation, according to the Salina Journal.

Sarah Hopkins was sentenced Monday in a federal court in a hearing that included testimony from a psychologist who detailed abuse Hopkins suffered in her relationship with Ford. Hopkins and Ford also had two children together, though they were not a couple at the time of the shooting.

Hopkins was charged with not alerting authorities that a convicted felon unlawfully possessed firearms, after she gave Ford an assault rifle and a handgun, knowing that his prior prison record prohibited him from having them.  

Ford later used those weapons in a shooting rampage that killed three people and wounded 14 before he was fatally shot by Hesston’s police chief. It was later discovered that Ford was under the influence of methamphetamine and alcohol at the time of the shooting.

Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton was quoted as saying that Ford’s attack was likely triggered by being served at work with a protection from abuse order from a former girlfriend. The Wichita Eagle later learned that the order Ford was served that day had already been served to Ford two weeks prior, also while he was at his work at Excel Industries. The Sheriff’s office has since changed its procedure in handling such paperwork to prevent a mistake like that from happening in the future.