McPherson Fire Department Too Big for State Grant

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 06, 2016

The McPherson Fire Department recently applied for a grant from the State of Kansas.

“The state of Kansas, out of the Fire Marshall’s office, has a grant program that we made application for in order to try to shore up our shortfalls with our bunker gear and some safety equipment for our paid-call members,” said McPherson Fire Chief Jeff Deal.

Unfortunately, the McPherson Fire Department was denied the grant.

“Basically, based on the fact that they consider us to be too big,” Chief Deal explained. “We’re a full-time fire department, and they’re considering that those full-time fire departments need to be able to support their own needs through tax revenue.”

Chief Deal expressed disappointment that the grant was denied, but he understands that there are even smaller fire departments throughout the state who have financial needs of their own.

“Grants are becoming extremely difficult to get,” Chief Deal said. “I felt very confident in this one. I thought that we met, definitely, all the criteria and that it was right up the alley that they were pursuing.

“Of course, I am sure that they divvied out the money to very needy fire departments as well,” he added. “It still would have gone a long ways to help us shore up some of those shortfalls.”

The McPherson Fire Department will be considering other avenues for shoring up shortfalls and will continue pursuing other state grants as they become available.