Check for Leaks, 2016 Water Meter Readings Complete for McPherson BPU Customers

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 13, 2016

At yesterday’s regular city commission meeting, BPU General Manager Tim Maier reminded local residents that the final water meter readings have been made for McPherson area customers.

“So if you have a leak, you don’t get a monthly reminder,” Maier explained. “You might get a reminder in three months, and by that time you could have an extremely large bill.

“So I want to make sure customers -- if they have drippy faucets, leaky toilets, a leak out front – make sure and get those repaired as quickly as you can,” Maier advised. “[We want to] make sure people don’t get the shock there when they get that bill.”

BPU’s next water meter reading will be in March.