McPherson's BPU Offers "Operation Warmth" to Customers Who Struggle to Pay Winter Bills

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 13, 2016

Operation Warmth is a local assistance program that was created to help prevent the interruption of electric and water services to BPU customers who struggle to pay their winter bills.

“It is that time of the year, it’s getting a lot colder, and there are people out there who are maybe having trouble paying their utility bills,” said Tim Maier, BPU General Manager. “The [BPU] utility is part of a program, ‘Operation Warmth,’ [that] actually helps customers who cannot pay their bills.”

Maier explained that Operation Warmth is actually administered by a group of local citizens.

“BPU and the city work together to collect the funds,” Maier said. “There’s several ways a person can do it if they would like to donate, they can donate directly to Operation Warmth.”

Donors can also contribute on a monthly basis through the Operation Warmth Roundup Program, which is administered through BPU’s billing software.

“So if a person signs up for that, and your bill is $100.51, it’ll round it up to $101.00, and that additional $0.49 would go to Operation Warmth Program,” Maier cited as an example.

“We’ve had several people sign up for that. It’s really a way that everybody can give a little bit and help those who are less fortunate,” he added. “If people are so inclined, I encourage you to give BPU a call at our offices, and we can definitely get that set up.”

The number for BPU is 620-245-2515.

Information can also be found on their website at

Contributions to the program are tax-deductible.