Help is on the Way for MHS Soccer Field

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 14, 2016

There may soon be help for the McPherson High School soccer field. McPherson’s school board is starting to look at proposals for getting it fixed once and for all after spending a couple of years trying different approaches that simply haven’t worked.

“Right now, the field doesn’t work for play,” said Gordon Mohn, USD 418’s interim superintendent. “We’ve spent a couple of years trying to get it into shape, and we’ve just been frustrated -- a combination of  not good weather, and not always the best approach.”

Mohn told school board members this week that the district is in the process of getting different proposals put together from Turf Solutions, a company out of Inman that has done work on sports fields for McPherson College, the Buhler school district, and Sterling College, among others.

“It’s not inexpensive, so in the next – hopefully, by the January meeting I’ll have a proposal for you and some ideas how we can address that.”

According to Mohn, the McPherson High School Athletic Director has a potential donor who may contribute a sizeable gift toward the repair of the high school’s field.

Also sports-related at this week’s school board meeting, the McPherson school district recently purchased a new scrubber for the MHS roundhouse.

“It’ll be designed to take care of the lower level of the high school, basically the Roundhouse, so that we don’t have to transport the scrubber from one level to the other,” explained Mohn.

The new scrubber cost the school district $10,200.