USD 418 Accepts Anti-Fraud Policy, Creation of New Ethics Committee

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 14, 2016

McPherson school board members this week accepted changes to the USD 418’s policy regarding anti-fraud procedures.

“Our auditors recommended that we adopt a more inclusive and restrictive anti-fraud policy,” explained Gordon Mohn, interim school superintendent for USD 418. He explained that the policy now simply defines for the district more clearly what fraud is.

“It gives examples of fraud; it give some definitions of fraud. And the one thing that’s significantly different,” Mohn said, “It requires us to create an ethics committee.”

The new ethics committee will be appointed by the school board and comprised of one board member, the school superintendent, and one building level administrator.

“So all issues with ethics would go to that committee,” said Mohn. “And there’s things in the policy that if one of that committee was part of the investigation, that there’d be an alternative person appointed.”

Changes to the school district’s anti-fraud policy have come in response to last year’s resignation of former Associate Superintendent Chris Ruder, who admitted to personal charges on the school’s credit card that was issued in his name.

“If you think back at our last major fraud issue, it was done a little differently,” Mohn said. “We didn’t have anything in place to do the investigation. This would put something in place so that we could function via policy rather than what we believe is a good practice.”

USD 418’s anti-fraud policy was accepted by board members and will be implemented upon final approval. A complete description of the district’s anti-fraud procedures can be found on the school’s website:$file/BOE%20Policy%20DCB%2C%20Anti-Fraud%202016-12-12.pdf