Framed Prints of McPherson's Veterans' Mural for Sale at CVB

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 15, 2016
photo by Ann Jolyn Johnston

McPherson is the home of several amazing murals that grace the outside of buildings in and near downtown McPherson. The latest mural was commissioned just last year and can now be viewed on the outside of the American Legion building at 401 North Main Street.

Earlier this week, American Legion Trustee Joe Pfannenstiel addressed the McPherson City Commissioners on behalf of the local organization.

“As most of you are aware,” Pfannenstiel told the public audience, “We have installed a beautiful, patriotic mural honoring all veterans from the Civil War to the present on the American Legion building.”

Pfannenstiel wanted to thank the city of McPherson and the McPherson Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) for their part in making the mural possible with their $10,000 contribution, and the Mingenback Foundation with their contribution of $15,000.   

“Our veterans want to thank you and all those involved for supporting this wonderful project, [for] which we have received much positive feedback,” Pfannenstiel said. “It has been an honor to be a part of this project.”

Pfannenstiel also presented McPherson Mayor Tom Brown and CVB Director Joni Regnier with a numbered framed print of the mural, signed by the artist Naomi Ullum.

Additional prints will also be available for the public to purchase.

“There are signed prints that would be available through the CVB and at the Legion, just in time for Christmas,” said Pfannenstiel.

The prints are priced at $100 each. To get your own, just contact the CVB at 620-241-3340, or the American Legion at 620-241-0343.

The public can also view the city’s framed print of the veterans’ mural at the McPherson CVB, located inside the McPherson Museum building at 1111 E. Kansas Ave.