McPherson Resident Protests Storm Water Utility Fee

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
December 21, 2016

A local citizen this week voiced a complaint to McPherson’s city commissioners regarding the monthly $7.00 storm water utility fee that McPherson residents began paying in October. Dianna Stovall was unable to attend the meeting herself and asked Public Works director Jeff Woodward to present a letter to the commissioners on her behalf.

It read, in part:

“’I’m writing this letter to voice my concern about the $7 storm water service charge on my BPU invoice,’” Woodward read to the city commissioners. “’Although I do acknowledge the requirements for which collection of these funds is a necessary charge, I am protesting the blanket $7 per month for all residential people.’”

In her letter, Stovall went on to say that the additional charge is difficult for senior citizens living on a fixed income, and that consideration should be made for those living in small, HUD-sponsored senior housing, with only social security for their income.

“’I believe a pro-rated residential charge for square footage would be a more appropriate charge,’” Woodward continued reading. ‘”I don’t mind paying my fair share for the privilege of living in this great community, and I believe I speak for most of the senior citizens living on a fixed income. I am sure you can see our frustration with cost increases for our rent, food, medical costs and prescriptions, with only a few dollars, if any increase, in social security or Kansas Medicaid.’”

Mayor Tom Brown acknowledged the receipt of Dianna’s letter and said the city commissioners would be open to reviewing possible solutions regarding the complaint of the set $7.00 utility fee for all McPherson residents, regardless of the size of their home.  

McPherson residents began paying the storm water utility fee in October in an effort to fund federal mandates required by the EPA regulating how a city discharges its storm water.

More information on McPherson’s adoption of the fee can be found at