MHS bowlers dealt a pair of setbacks

By Steve Sell
January 13, 2017

AUGUSTA — Augusta’s bowling teams threw some big numbers at McPherson High on Thursday as the Orioles swept the doubleheader.

Augusta’s boys had a 2,328 compared to MHS’ 2,175 as the Bullpups lost for the first time this season. Clayton Ouellette was a bright spot for the Bullpups with a 614, which included a monster 268 game.

Augusta’s girls were a 2,073-1,712 winner. Alexis Kieffer’s 494 was the high score for the Bullpups.

The MHS JV boys salvaged the day as Jc Becker’s 536 led the Bullpups to a 1,760-1,723 triumph. His series included a 211 game.

The Bullpups head to El Dorado Tuesday to take on Circle for a neutral-site match.

• BOYS •

Kc Becker, 135-150-173-458; Devin Hartley, 156-111-162-429; Taylor Miller, 156-149-208-513; Clayton Ouellette, 176-268-170-614; Jeff Reed, 179-185-160-524; Austin Stiggins, 148-192-141-478.


Maysan Groote, 95-142-143-380; Chloe Jones, 81-88-124-293; Alexis Kieffer, 162-143-189-494; Ashley LaSalle, 164-173-133-470; Brooke Miller, 101-132-112-345; Cheyann Williams, 106-93-99-298


Jared Armstrong, 148-133-166-447; Kyler Chapman, 110-1-3-128-338; Thorin Reichert, 87-108-150-345; Talin Goebel, 89-132-103-324; Jackson Fox, 144-111-130-385; Jc Becker, 168-211-157-536.