MHS bowlers sweep El Dorado

By Steve Sell
January 19, 2017

The McPherson High girls bowling team did it for Ashley.

After standout Ashley LaSalle had to injury default after her first game Thursday of MHS’ bowling dual with El Dorado, the rest of the Bullpups picked it up as every throw counted in a narrow seven-pin victory, 1,893-1,886.

“Maysan Groote bowled the best (534) she ever has and helped carry the girls,” MHS coach Herb Halinski said. “Ashley had to sit after the first game as a result of hip pain. The girls got together and decided that they were going to fight tough the rest of the day. The girls match was very close all day. They saw the importance of spare shooting.”

The Bullpup boys romped to a 2,541-2,098 victory as three bowlers eclipsed the 600 barrier, including 620s by Clayton Ouellette and Mathew Stiggins. Taylor Miller added a 613.

“The boys bowled good as a team and were consistent all day,” Halinski said.  “We have had some nagging injuries with three of the boys, but they were able to take time and made most of their spares all day. Matt Stiggins, Clayton and Jeff have all had aches and pains the last couple of weeks due to all of the bowling they have been doing, but really wanted to bowl and did a good job.”


Taylor Miller, 233-225-155-613; Austin Stiggins, 175-196-180-551; Kc Becker 207-185-157-549; Jeff Reed, 167-150-255-572; Mathew Stiggins, 193-214-213-620, Clayton Ouellette, 225-180-215-620.


Jc Becker, 126-138-147-411; Jared Armstrong, 116-137-167-420; Jackson Fox, 107-136-85-328; Thorin Reichert, 157-150-126-433; Mathew Gesaman, 164-147-148-459; Devin Hartley, 155-120-116-391.


Cheyann Williams, 104-73-116-293; Ashley LaSalle, 115-injury default; Alexis Kieffer, 183-207-154-544; Chloe Jones, 86-149-159; Brooke Miller, 147-121-124-392; Maysan Groote, 182-166-186-534.