Education Opportunities

By Chris Conde
January 19, 2017

The last election cycle focused on jobs and education. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Senator proposed free tuition to all state colleges. Many Called it absurd.  But in Kansas education is becoming more affordable and accessible every day. Recently a grant was given to Bethany College of Lindsborg enabling them to give free tuition to any student graduating from McPherson and Saline high schools for the next five years. The Chamber Of Commerce and Agrirculture Future Of America provide scholarships for students following an agricultural career path. They have changed their restriction recently for receiving the scholarship. Before Students were only eligible if they lived in McPherson County but now any student attending a McPherson County High School will be eligible. The Scholarship is worth as much as $3200 and the number of recipients is limited to the amount of money the groups can raise.  They will be holding a 5K on March 25, registration fees will help fund the scholarship. Kansas Weslyan in Salina has found a way to turn video games into college credits. Offering Scholarships in E-sports. KWU esports is currently seeking gamers for League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League and Smash Bros! Striving to provide a home for the student that might not otherwise be engaged in on-campus activities. Is encourages gamers to find meaningful involvement while making friends, building relationships and competing on a collegiate level. 

Free Tuition at Bethany


Ag Scholarship