Murderer Sentenced

By Chris Conde/ McPherson County Attorney
January 25, 2017

In Crime News. January 24 the convicted murderer Samuel N Darrah age 47 was sentenced by Judge John Klenda to life in prison with a hard 25 before being eligible for parole. Another sentence of 100 months is to be served consecutively with the life sentence. Sam will be 80 in the year 2050 before eligible for supervised parole. Sam was named the ringleader of a group that plotted to kill James Croft. The investigation was a collaboration between the McPherson Sheriffs Department, the Kansas Highway Patrol and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Prosecutors, Torrance Parkins, McPherson County Attorney and Assistant Kansas Attorney General Adam Zentner attribute their success to the excellent police work done during the investigation.

Sam Plead guilty prior to his trial set for December 2nd. Prosecutors had prepared nearly 100 exhibits of evidence and dozens of witnesses to prove their case. Read the full release on