Jobs Report 1.27.17

By Chris Conde
January 30, 2017

Jobs are crucial in these trying times. Finding one keeping losing one or filling are a constant worry in an ever changing world. In McPherson, the city is committed to enhancing the lives of its citizens by promoting industry growth and awareness. The MIDC, McPherson Industrial Development Company, was formed in 1959 to actively stimulate McPherson’s potential to prosper, and are actively recruiting industry to the area. Jobs are available and they need you to fill them, this week in McPherson there are over 600 available jobs, Industries needing help this week are Aquatics Coordinator and Lifeguard Positions, Education and Healthcare providers, Machinists and Electrical Engineers. Firefighting Administration. McPherson’s unemployment number from the Department of labor is at an amazing 2.9% compared to the national rate of 4.7. And the state rate of 4.2. If You don’t have a job or are looking for a new one look for this job report on the web atwww.midkansasonline.comfor links to McPherson Jobs.