C-G to honor "super fan" on Friday

By Steve Sell
February 08, 2017

At Canton-Galva High School, everybody loves “Louie.”

Lewis Morgan, according to many around the school, is the ultimate Canton-Galva “super fan.”

And has been for a long, long time.

“I first got to know of Lewis when I was an athlete here at C-G,” said Kelly Unruh, who was a student back in the early 1980s and later returned to teach and coach at his alma mater. “He just seemed to be at all of the sports events. I can remember him being at things back as far as the mid 70's when I started attending C-G. I'm sure he was attending years before that and he's still making regular appearances at C-G events.”

Morgan is going to be honored Friday night between the boys and girls basketball games at Canton. Unruh wanted to honor him with a large Canton-Galva brick that is being sold as a fund-raiser for the Margreiter Stadium renovation project.

“The Eagle Power Club was set up to try to raise funds to help with the renovation of Margreiter Stadium, our football facility,” Unruh said. “The renovation is to be done in phases as money becomes available. The Eagle Power Club is selling personalized bricks to help raise money for this cause, with bricks being sold for different amounts for various sizes. I believe they have raised nearly $40,000 through the selling of bricks already.”

When the project was announced, Unruh immediately thought of Louie.

“We had the idea of honoring Louie by presenting him with a brick,” Unruh said. “We posted the idea on Facebook to anyone with ties to C-G to help raise money to purchase a brick.  The response was so overwhelming that we were able to buy a big, red corporate brick to honor Louie for all of his support and dedication.”

According to Kelly’s wife, Sue, more than $2,000 has been raised just for Louie’s brick.

“We have had overwhelming response,” she said. “Close to $2,000 was donated at a $20 bill at a time. Louie has been that guy who no matter if we had a winning season or never won a game, he was there supporting and always making our athletes feel as though they were lucky to be part of such a special program.”

And it’s not just football and basketball games that he attends.

“I think the main thing about Louie being a super fan is his constant devotion to all C-G athletics,” Kelly Unruh said. “He regularly attends all athletics, for all ages, and all seasons, even summer leagues as well. Louie would also attend sporting events of C-G athletes that had graduated and would be playing in the area. He is a very quiet, unassuming man, but if you speak with him you definitely learn of his love for the kids and the athletic programs here at C-G.  As a coach here in this district for the past 32 years, I've had many conversations with him about C-G athletics. He is always very complimentary and has a constant positive outlook for the season. You definitely leave the conversation with a good feeling about yourself and the season.”

And Unruh says his support isn’t lost on the young athletes.

“I think they all leave feeling good about themselves, he just makes you want to do well for the program,” Unruh said.

Morgan has worked at Hillenberg Oil in Canton for many years, but always finds time to get out and support his beloved Eagles.