High School Carpentry House

By Chris Conde
February 14, 2017

The McPherson High School Carpentry Class his constructing its 49th house this year, and the plans to have it moved into the county are underway. In the meantime, the school went to the city commission to ask them to waive building permit fees. The money would have come out of the school districts funds and if waived, that money would go directly back into the program. The commission approved the request giving the carpentry program a leg up on continuing the program.

The carpentry course is a one or two-hour carpentry lab and is designed to provide the student with job related skills necessary for entry level employment in the residential construction industry. This course is a prerequisite for course Advanced Carpentry Technology, students will be admitted only with permission of instructor. An appreciation for good work habits, pride in the trades, and workmanship excellence is a major objective of the course.

Intermediate level skills will be stressed in the areas of tool preparation and care, blueprint interpretation, foundation construction, floor system construction, wall system construction, ceiling and roof design and construction, roof component construction, exterior finishing materials, cabinet construction and installation, and interior finish work. A two or three bedroom house will be constructed from blueprint reading to finish as a class project. Participation in the Skills USA student organization is strongly recommended. The students must provide safety glasses, a nail apron, a hammer, a 20’ or longer tape measure, a pair of pliers, screwdrivers, a retractable utility knife, and carpenter pencils.

The school tries to find a buyer for the house prior to construction to give the buyer a say in the project. Buyers for the 50th house from the school are already in contact with the school.