KCC Motor Carriers

By Chris Conde
February 21, 2017

The Kansas Corporate Commission has implemented a new tool designed to aid Motor Carriers. The KCC regulates motor carriers in the state.  KTRAN is a website designed to help motor carriers meet regulatory criteria that fits their business. KTRAN stands for Kansas Trucking Regulatory Assistance Network.

The Compliance Wizard is the first to go online, motor carriers answer a series of questions about their business and within seconds a custom checklist of regulations and costs are displayed.

Mike Hoeme, Director of Transportation “The KTRAN wizard is especially valuable to motor carriers just starting their businesses. It can be confusing to determine what authorities are needed and which regulations apply to different types and sizes of operations. The wizard takes the guess work out and helps motor carriers and businesses.

When the site is fully functional this spring, motor carriers will be able to able set up a personal account with an interactive dashboard to receive alerts and announcements as well as communicate with KCC staff. They can also easily submit electronic applications, renew registrations and pay fees through the site.

State and federal regulatory agencies as well as law enforcement also benefit from KTRAN. It provides one stop access to databases used in compliance and roadside enforcement. To find out more find this story on our website on midkansasradio.com The KTRAN wizard can be accessed from the KCC website at kcc.ks.gov/ktran.