From The Chief's Desk

By Chief Robert D. McClarty via FB
February 27, 2017

From the Chief’s Desk…

On Tuesday this week, while at a training event, I had the honor of presenting two life saving recognition awards for the efforts of two McPherson KS Police Department Officers: Sergeant Olbricht and Officer Burgess. While it is not unusual for law enforcement to be involved in resuscitation efforts, these two incidents occurred within a three-day period and the actions of these men in each event was life sustaining. Last Saturday, February 18th, Officer Burgess provided CPR to an unresponsive person until McPherson EMS arrived and in doing so, restored the person’s pulse and breathing. Last Monday, February 20th, Sergeant Olbricht provided compressions-only resuscitation to a different person and Officer Burgess prepared an Automated External Defibrillator for use just before EMS arrived. Again, the patient’s pulse was restored. This was possible because of the actions of these Officers and other McPherson first responders ~ well done, to all involved!

On Wednesday, Assistant Chief Terry and Captain Martens also gave recognition “Salutes” to four other MPD Officers for their professionalism and dedication to duty. The first Salute was to Lieutenant Brunsell and Officer Voth in recognition of their efforts to assist the family of a lost and subsequently injured dog. The men found the dog, transported it to a vet, and then found its owners. The dog required euthanasia for its injuries, but the owners were able to see and be with their dog before it passed. The owners were grateful for the Officers compassion and efforts to find their pet and them –allowing them to say their goodbyes ~ well done, Lieutenant Brunsell and Officer Voth!

The second Salute given on Wednesday was to Sergeant Cummins and Officer Conn for their efforts in late January. The pair heard radio traffic diverting Lifeteam Air Ambulance to McPherson Hospital. They responded to set up a secured landing zone and provided CPR assistance as requested by Lifeteam Staff for more than 30 minutes. Their actions showed great effort and willingness to do whatever is necessary for our citizens and area first responders ~ well done, Sergeant Cummins and Officer Conn!

Efforts like these show how MPD continues to provide professional law enforcement services throughout our community ~ great job to all!

Chief Robert D. McClarty