Shooting Suspect Arrested In McPherson

By Chris Conde
March 01, 2017

A drug arrest Sunday Feb. 27 in McPherson had ties to a shooting in Salina. Maddilynn Small was wanted by Salina police in connection to a shooting on Thursday Feb. 23.

Small was arrested Sunday on unrelated drug charges in McPherson. After the arrest, she was taken to McPherson Hospital to treat a 3 day old gunshot wound police believe she received in Thursdays shooting. The bullet had entered near her elbow and exited out of her forearm.

The shooting is believed to have occurred inside of a pick-up truck, while driving on Crawford in Salina before stopping at a parking lot in Executive Plaza, 1500 E Iron. Tyler Reinbold was left in the truck with gunshot wounds to his abdomen and leg.

 Police have arrested two of the persons involved, Maddilynn Small and Brooklyn Edward McKnight but are still searching for the driver of the truck. Small is expected to face charges in connection with the shooting and McKnight is facing attempted murder charges.