A Plane Crash Near Roxbury

By Chris Conde
March 03, 2017
Shawn Anderson

ROXBURY, Kan. (From KWCH) A pilot walks away after crash-landing his plane in a McPherson County field Thursday.

Kailea Longacre captured cell phone video of the plane moments after it crashed on her family's land.

"I was absolutely scared that I was going to find somebody that was hurt, or even worse," she says.

But she did not find anyone. Even more shocking was that Longacre was the first person to report the crash, nearly 10 minutes after it happened.

"Passerby evidently had seen this crashed plane in the field, called law enforcement who responded out here. (The) pilot was not here. We haven't got a hold of the pilot yet," Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Craig Davis says.

Troopers say they don't know what caused the accident. They say it looks like the pilot was not injured.

Eyewitness News spoke to the pilot Thursday and he said he did not want to talk about what happened.