McPherson Officer's Aid In Wild Fire Efforts

By Chris Conde
March 07, 2017

From The McPherson Police Deaprtment:

March 6, 2017, in response to a call through the Law Enforcement Assistance Deployment (LEAD) program,

Chief McClarty of the McPherson Police Department sent two McPherson Police officers and two patrol vehicles to assist the response to fires in Reno County.

The LEAD program is an organization comprised of heads of law enforcement agencies in the region. This morning, March 7, 2017, the Chief continued this cooperative effort to keep the public safe from harm and out of the areas presenting the most danger.

Chief McClarty said, “In a situation like this, it is our obligation and duty to assist outside agencies; we just never know when it will be our turn and we will need the help. I strenuously discourage community members trying to enter or ‘sight see’ the affected areas. This prevents the first responders’ abilities to do their jobs effectively. Fire danger remains critically high please use extreme caution.”

For additional information and updates related to the specifics of the ongoing situation, please contact the Reno County Sheriff’s Office.