May Fete Registration!!

By Chris Conde
March 10, 2017

Join the celebration, Join the tradition, for nearly 100 years McPherson has celebrated the May Fete. Winding the May Pole is an All Schools Day Tradition. Each year, fifth grade girls are invited to participate in the annual winding of the May Pole at both of the May Fete performances.

May Fete event is held on Wednesday evening in Lakeside Park (high school in case of rain) and on Thursday evening at McPherson High School.

On both nights, the evening begins at 5:45 pm with the McPherson High School Jazz Band, followed by May Fete at 7:00 pm.

The May Fete program showcases the talents of school age children from across McPherson County. All McPherson Are 5th Grade girls are invited to participate and perform.

May Fete creates long lasting memories of community and creativity.

To register go to the or contact your schools office for more information.

Be on the lookout for letters coming home from schools March 13-17.