Jobs 3.10.17

By Chris Conde
March 10, 2017


This week let’s talk about the entry level. Digging your way in from the bottom and climbing to the top. Entry level jobs are not luxurious or glamorous. But there are plenty on the market and most of them can lead to a dream job. Even if the company you start with isn’t the company you want  to work for forever, any job you take will help you build a reputation for hard work and reliability.

A grocery bagger, a simple enough job right? Wrong, bagging groceries is an excellent place to develop interpersonal skills and be exposed to all different types of people. You are also in a position to wow any potential employer with your attention to detail and customer care.

Perhaps you’ve seen an ad for material handler or line operator and said that sounds like it’s going no where fast, think again. Many factories in McPherson have in house promotions and education opportunities that are only afforded to current employees. Within months of taking a factory job you could be training to become a machinist or heavy equipment operator and be earning 40,000 a year or more.

In McPherson, your hard work and dedication can pay off. Stay the path and get to work.

Recent additions to the Entry Level McPherson Job Market Include : Bank Teller, Legal Assistant, Deli Chef, Insurance sale (No experience necessary), Security Guard and dozens more. There are Hundreds of jobs going unfilled today. Get out and find Yours!